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What’s Coming to Logistics in 2021 | Freight Forwarder’s World Magazine

Published on Mar 30, 2021

What’s Coming to Logistics in 2021 | Freight Forwarder’s World Magazine

Welcome to the sixth issue of Exports News' Freight Forwarders' World Magazine, and the first issue in 2021! We are excited to share some fascinating articles with you that cover the upcoming trends in the logistics industry, as well as some tips for your exporting partners. We hope you find this issue as interesting and insightful as we do.

The first article discusses the trends and changes coming to the supply chain and logistics industries in 2021. Because of the challenges posed by COVID-19, the industry has been experiencing digitalization at a rate like never before. Learn more about how that has impacted the trends we’ll see in the coming year!

The second delves into some tips for exporters to create a more seamless transport system for their goods. This article will help them reach their full earning potential, and thus use your services even more.

The third is an exploration of last-mile logistics, something that's very necessary in rural and less-developed parts of the world. Learn more in this article!

The fourth and final article discusses how and why the Asia-Pacific region is growing so rapidly in the supply chain sector. Check it out!

We look forward to you reading our magazine and featuring or advertising your company in future issues. To be featured, please reach out to Please feel free to leave your feedback or any topics you would like to see covered with our editor as well. For advertising options, please reach out to

Enjoy the issue!


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