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Utilizing Technology to Enhance Your Supply Chain | Freight Forwarder’s World Magazine

Published on Jul 19, 2022

Utilizing Technology to Enhance Your Supply Chain | Freight Forwarder’s World Magazine

Welcome to the eleventh issue of Exports News' Freight Forwarders' World Magazine! We are excited to share fascinating articles with you that cover the importance of technology and new supply chain trends. We hope you find this issue as interesting and insightful as we do:

  • The first article discusses the future of global supply chains and what this means for trade. Come see why many believe the world is entering a deglobalization period.

  • The second article examines some of the most important trends influencing logistics management in 2022. This will help you decide which trend to follow.

  • The third is an exploration of how mobile devices are revolutionizing the supply chain. Discover which mobile applications have the most impact!

  • The fourth and final article discusses the use of blockchain in the construction industry. Here's how Britain's new high-speed rail line, HS2, is utilizing this technology.

We look forward to you reading our magazine and featuring or advertising your company in future issues. To be featured, please reach out to Please feel free to leave your feedback or any topics you would like to see covered with our editor as well. For advertising options, please reach out to

Enjoy the issue!


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