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Welcome to Freight Forwarders’ World Magazine’s second issue!

Published on Feb 05, 2020

Welcome to Freight Forwarders’ World Magazine’s second issue!


Welcome to Freight Forwarders’ World Magazine’s second issue! We are excited to feature four fascinating articles.

Our first article discusses how freight forwarders can harness the newer forms of technology to bring their businesses to the
next level. It focuses on blockchain technology for supply chain transparency, Smart contract automation, machine learning’s
effect on productivity, and how the Internet of Things allows for tracking. This article goes in depth on how using these
technologies is bringing freight forwarding to the future.

Our next piece is an exploration of the consolidation of freight forwarding and how it affects the industry. These consolidations
are shaping the future of freight forwarding and thus international trade. Learn more about the changing rationale of
consolidation in this article.

The following article focuses on BIFA’s Freight Service Awards and who is shortlisted this year. We are eagerly awaiting the
results at the awards ceremony in January, and will be sure to update our readers!

The last piece talks about how blockchain technology can be used in freight forwarding. This new technology is more secure,
more transparent, and more accessible for most users. Therefore, it should be implemented across the board. Learn more
about how!

We look forward to you reading our magazine and featuring or advertising your company in future issues. To be featured, please
reach out to
Please feel free to leave your feedback or any topics you would like to see covered with our editor as well. For advertising options, please reach out to

Enjoy the issue!


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